You have found the best elevator shoes in the world: GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. Made in Italy with the best leathers, these shoes are handmade from the ground up to provide you with a discreet lift to your height, maximum comfort and style. Coming from a tradition of shoemaking going back nearly 100 years, GuidoMaggi gives you the best of traditional handcrafting with modern methods of increasing your height.

Unlike so many other ‘height increasing shoes’ that skimp on quality, these are your best choice for superb looks, long-term wear, all day comfort and an ‘invisible’ increase in your stature. That’s because nobody would suspect that fine, handmade Italian shoes would have 21st Century lift technology inside. These shoes are made from full grain Italian leather, suede, shiny calf leather, patent leather, smooth goatskin linings and even some exotic leathers available nowhere else.

Whether you desire conservative dress shoes, casual loafers, sneakers, boots, high fashion footwear and accessories, GuidoMaggi has just what you need. You’ll discover a full line of footwear for just about any occasion, including bridegroom and formal wear shoes that are first quality. There’s even a collection of height increasing shoes for Women: not just ‘repurposed’ men’s shoes, but styled and constructed for ladies who want another option to wearing painful high heels.

GuidoMaggi shoes are made by Italian cordwainers, not mass produced. With methods like ‘sewn at sight’ construction, handcut leather, and so on, each pair of shoes is a creation by artisans who dedicate their lives to giving you the best shoes you can possibly own.

Now is the time for you to enter the world of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. Discover the difference that top quality leather, handmade perfection and discreet lift technology can do for your comfort, your wardrobe and your stature.

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