You have discovered the best kept secret in height increasing shoes: GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. Every man (and woman) who wants an increase in stature wants to do it discreetly, not obviously. Handmade footwear that uses the finest leathers, suede, shiny calfskin and even exotic leathers give you that benefit. No one would suspect that first quality Italian leather shoes have built-in, 21st Century lift technology inside.

Guido Maggi began making traditional shoes shoes shortly after the end of WWI. Now, his grand-nephew, Emanuele Briganti, the CEO of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, has taken the traditional practices of old-school cordwainers and applied them to height increasing shoes for the discerning few who want the best. All of the best practices and techniques for creating the ultimate in handmade footwear have been applied to this unique market: elevator shoes with ‘invisible’ lift.

Perhaps you’ve tried other elevator shoes, cranked out in Asian factories, that fall apart after a few months. Maybe those shoes were uncomfortable and not made from the ground up to be height increasing. That’s because many of those mass produced shoes simply had ‘shoe lifts’ added after the fact.

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes are designed, constructed and tailored to give you perfect fit, finish and discreet lift, from the ground up. Only the finest materials and painstaking craftsmanship go into each of these handmade shoes, boots, sneakers and accessories. The quality, fit, finish, comfort and discreet lift you get from GuidoMaggi is second to none.

If you have special requirements for your footwear, this is the place to have those needs met. Each pair of shoes is made by hand. Feel free to contact us and get your own, personal service that meets your needs.

GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes – the finest footwear in the world that increases your height, with discretion.