New Looks for Summer 2014 – Increase your style and your height!

Luxury Elevator Shoes -Best Height Increasing Shoes

If you already know GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, you know that fashion forward styles combine with discreet lift to give you the best height increasing shoes in the world. If you’re new to this fashion leader, here’s the latest news:

  • Summer 2014 is here already. That means new styles, inspired by Fashion Week offerings, along with additions to basic collections that are outstanding. Along with color-accented soles and silvery finished leather, you’ll discover superb creations that are inspired by both new and classic styling.
  • Speaking of classics, how about height increasing loafers? This was one style of footwear that was thought to be unsuitable for lifts. Thanks to 21st Century lift technology and painstaking attention to detail, you can have your loafers and increase your height in style.
  • For those that want the ultimate in lift without settling for ‘platform shoes’, you can get what you want from the 5 INCH BOOTS. Available in four styles, you’ll find the one that’s just right for your wardrobe, along with comfort and stability built-in. These hand-crafted boots are the best solution to getting the most lift, discreetly.
  • Perhaps you want a unique look? Look no further than the Hand Painted, full grain Italian leather of the Van Gogh boot. This hand painted leather is produced in limited runs, so make sure you get yours today.
  • Looking for the perfect accent for jeans and subtle height increase? Check out the Burnished Cognac Leather boots and shoes. The New York City fashion elite are buzzing about this look. Get in on the trend!
  • For a retro look with an up-to-date accent, discover the Fringed Brogues from GuidoMaggi. This is a classic design with a silvery accent that flatters your wardrobe and increases your height in style.

That’s the news for now. Take some time and look over the complete line of handmade, luxury footwear that increases your height like no other shoes in the world.

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