Hand Painted

Elevator shoes and boots, taken a new height of luxury: handpainted full grain Italian leather, hand cut, sewn-at-sight, with each pair a unique version, like no other. That’s how GuidoMaggi does ‘in your face’ styling and discreet height increase at the same time. Imagine that: shoes and boots that call attention to themselves, without calling attention to the hidden benefit of increased stature!

A very limited number of full grain Italian leather hides are painted by hand and handcut to each pairs exacting specifications. Each pair has a unique look, and can be made to your own unique requirements, like special width, etc.

Like all GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, these are made by hand in Italy to the most exacting specifications and will give you a fit and comfort like no other. If you’ve tried ‘elevator shoes’ from a mass produced source before, you know how poorly they can perform. Not these handmade beauties!

These shoes and boots are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only a limited number of shoes and boots can be made from each hide. If you simply must have your own ‘bespoke’ pair of height increasing footwear, order yours today. Don’t miss out!

$ 1,290

Van Gogh

$ 1,225


$ 1,225