Limited Edition Boots

Not everyone who buys GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is looking for conservative, business styles of elevator shoes. Many fashionistas know that cutting edge looks can also include a discreet lift in height. That’s where these Limited Edition Boots come in.

Designed by Brazilian designer and model Vini Uehara, they represent the best of both worlds: high fashion and higher stature. Even those who may not need a boost to their height will find these boots an excellent choice for style and comfort.

Most of these lace up styles offer a lift up to 10cm (4in) and look great doing it. The Chelsea model, a slip-on boot, gives you 6-7cm (2.4-2.75in) of lift, for the best fit and most discreet lift. Like all GuidoMaggi footwear, these are handmade from the finest leathers and give long lasting comfort to the wearer.

From the most avant-garde occasions to total street grunge looks, these are the boots that will make you stand out, stand taller and flatter your wardrobe like no other. From the Cognac, a perfect color foil for jeans, to the Chelsea, a style made for Rock Stars (and those who wish to be), you’ll find the right pair for your fashion fix.

$ 715


$ 715


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$ 715

Las Vegas

$ 715

New York

$ 715