The More You Know Yourself, the Better You Will Accessorize

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The simplest choices can often be the hardest to make, if you don’t know where you want to go. Like most things in life, what’s simple is not always what’s easy. That’s because simple only works if you have a clear picture of where you want to end up.

Your fashion choices don’t stop at the clothes themselves. What you choose to accessorize your clothing can either bring everything together or ruin the look altogether. The right shirt and pants with the wrong belt spoils the outfit. The same goes for jewelry, shoes and anything else that you wear.

Now might be the time for taking an inventory of your accessories, to see if they fit in with where you are in life. If you have old accessories that don’t match your current look, replace them! What used to work for you then won’t necessarily work for you now.

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One simple change can work wonders. If your belt is something you’ve had for years (and has a bit of sentimental value), but doesn’t fit in with your current look, save it for special occasions. Instead, go out an buy a belt that matches your current look and wear it proudly.

The same goes for all other accessories: jewelry (like cufflinks, watches, etc), pocket squares, briefcases and anything else you wear or carry that isn’t strictly clothing. Make your look consistent, even if you’re not on the cutting edge of fashion. Who knows? You might even start a trend among your friends, simply by being yourself, inside and out.

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