The Technology: 

Wearing our high increasing elevator shoes will increase your height without anyone else knowing. Our shoes and boots will enhance your height by 2.5” to 5.5”. Our elevator shoes are handmade of best materials. Our elevator shoes are stylish, comfortable, and made with great attention to detail.

Guidomaggi Elevator Shoes Diagram

elevator shoes technology

Premium Leather:

We design our height increasing shoes for style, comfort and durability. We design our boots and shoes so they will not slip off and they are extremely comfortable.

Leather Ventilated layer:
This layer protects the wear of the hidden height increaser pad and provides ventilation, so your shoes can breathe.

Hidden Height Increaser:

This layer adds additional height. The leather insoles acts as a shock absorber while at the same time comfortably cushions your feet for all day wear.

Ventilated Layer:

The ventilated layer protects the wear of your hidden increaser pad, and provides the ventilation for your shoes to keep them dry.

Ventilated bottom:

The ventilated outsole in the rubber helps to keep you feeling uncomfortable, and allows for a natural instep. While wearing Guidomaggi height increasing shoes, your feet will breathe and will be kept dry.

Why be Taller?
-The height increaser is hidden. (Our shoes look and feel totally natural.)
-Being taller levels the playing field with work and social life.
-Taller men earn more money.
-Respected: we have served thousands of customers worldwide.
-Women prefer taller men.

Studies in Us have shown:
-Every extra inch of height brought a man an additional $600 per year in salary.
-Job recruiters, choosing between men of comparable backgrounds and skills, select the taller man 72% of the time.
-Promotions/Raises come faster to the taller man.
-Women find taller men “Significantly more attractive”.
-90% of company chief executives are “above average” in height.
-18 out of the last 22 U.S. Presidential elections have been won by the taller man.
-Our height increasing elevated shoes can help improve your posture, make you stand straighter (giving you even more height), make you feel more confident and more importantly, more desirable. Some wearers even say people tell them that they look thinner.
Our height increasing elevator shoes with the hidden increaser, will allow you to become taller instantly. You will become taller without anyone else knowing your secret.  Our shoes are beautifully designed and constructed to give you a lift from the inside, while having totally natural appearance from the outside. Our shoes are a value and well worth the price. Men who want to be taller should give height increasing shoes a try.