Tom Cruise Elevator Shoes: Does He or Doesn’t He?

The short answer is “probably, sometimes”. After all, he has to shower, sometimes. Seriously, though, there are times when ‘movie magic’ and careful casting of costars means he doesn’t have to increase his height with tall shoes. He also has an abundance of confidence. That means he can stand next to very tall women and be photographed (in New York, London, Tokyo, Los Angeles, etc.), without a grimace on his face. Keep in mind, he’s two inches taller than Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame.

Then there’s the wardrobe choices he makes. The man knows how to dress and flatter his look, even if he’s barefoot. He generally sticks to a monochromatic look, or dark up top, lighter on the bottom. Solid colors and avoiding horizontal stripes helps a lot. The most important thing about his look is that he’s used to the attention (and photographers), so he doesn’t make the big mistake of looking uncomfortable, especially when standing to those who are taller, men and women.


If you poke around the Internet, you’ll find examples of him with and without a bit of lift in his shoes. In one picture, his his costar will be towering over him. In another, at a different time, that same costar will be head-to-head with him. The thing to notice is how relaxed and confident he appears to be. That’s because he doesn’t depend on height increasing shoes exclusively – just selectively. Plus, the shoes that lift him are discreet, not just high heels.

For those of you that are not yet convinced that wearing height increasing shoes is your answer, think about this: a well-made pair of custom made elevator shoes can give you a discreet lift to your height without giving away your secret. That’s because GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes are made, from the ground up, to be the best in the World, not only in lift and secure footing, but in the finest leathers, construction and long wearing comfort.

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